Aaron Corso

I'm a web software engineer interested in NodeJS, AngularJS, and the intersection of business and technology.

My Interests

  1. JavaScript - front to back. The whole shebang. Pun intended.
  2. Front End Development best practices - moving towards a more perfect and testable Web.
  3. UX and UI - usability and frameworks like Google's Material Design. Frequent user of the #UXShaming hashtag on Twitter.
  4. Enterprise web application development - the full stack. I've worked with .NET, PHP, ColdFusion and Perl.
  5. Artificial intelligence - especially aorund the area of chatbots and virtual assistants. Once entered into the Chatterbox Challenge.
  6. Executive Information Systems & Dashboard Systems - Developing web-based software to aggregate data and allow for its customization across all areas of a business.

Current Projects

  1. SoopaJSLogger - remote JavaScript error logger similar to Errorception
  2. VisualNPM - Express.js application for visualizing the current state of locally and globally installed NodeJS modules - intended for beginners and non-UNIX developers.
  3. Alphaswarm - PHP SaaS application for organizational tracking.
  4. - A more unified inventory management system for collectors.

On the Web

Looking for CORSOA Web Dev?

I have since moved on to concentrating on my core competencies, and am not performing freelance development at the moment.